Press the screen to place an obstacle.


Boids (Bird-oids) is a program for simulating flocking behaviour. Each boid follows 3 simple rules. In a group, they exhibit emergent behaviour.

Rule 1: Avoidance

Boids avoid crashing into one another, as well as other obstacles.

→ ↗ → ↘ Too Close! Move Apart
const acceleration = new Vec2(0,0); for (const obstacle of obstacles) { const distance = this.position.distanceTo(obstacle.position); if (distance > obstacle.repelRadius) continue; const displacement = this.position.clone().subtract(obstacle.position); acceleration.add(displacement.multiply(obstacle.repelStrength)); } return acceleration;

Rule 2: Alignment

Boids match the average velocity of their flock.

→ → ← → → → Find velocity Align
acceleration.add( this.#averageVelocity(flock) .multiply(this.options.alignmentStrength) );

Rule 3: Cohesion

Boids move towards the center of their flock.

→ ↘ x x → ↗ Find center Converge
acceleration.add( this.#displacementFromCenter(flock) .multiply(this.options.cohesionStrength) );

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