Kinematic Chain

A kinematic chain is composed of rigid line segments.
Each segment is represented using two vectors: base and span.

base ----------> tip span

The segment's tip is the sum of its base and span.

Move segment tip to new position:
segment.moveTipTo(position: Vec2)

// rotate span const difference = position.clone().subtract(this.base); this.span.copy(difference.normalize().multiply(this.span.length())); // move segment this.base.copy(position).subtract(this.span);

Move entire chain to new position:
chain.moveTipTo(position: Vec2)

for (let i = this.segments.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) { const segment = this.segments[i]!; segment.moveTipTo(position); position = segment.base; }

Anchor chain at a fixed position:
chain.anchorAt(position: Vec2)

const displacement = this.segments[0]!.base.clone().subtract(position); for (const segment of this.segments) segment.base.subtract(displacement);

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