Image Folder Resizer

Batch resize images inside a folder hierarchy.

File Converter

Convert between audio, image and video formats.

Visual Acuity Test

Randomized eye test.


Flocking Simulation.

Sorting Algorithm Visualizer

Visualize Sorting Algorithms.

Kinematic Chain

Kinematic Chain simulation.

Double Pendulum

Double Pendulum physics simulation.

Universal Time

Share date times across timezones.

EMCL Compiler

A compiler for Minecraft functions.


IDE for building Minecraft Datapacks.

Reuleaux Polygon Generator

Generate figures of constant width.

Pixel Text Generator

Generate pixel text of various styles.

SUVAT Calculator

Automatically solve SUVAT equations.

Ascii 3D

A text-based 3D renderer for JavaScript.

Ascii 3D Water Demo

A text-based 3D renderer for JavaScript.